Choose Kind Week

July 28 – August 4

Last year we established Choose Kind Week as a way to honor our daughter and sister, Ashton, who was needlessly killed by a drunk driver on July 28, 2019.  Through our grief we have found that spreading kindness and doing right by others is helpful, as is telling Ashton’s story so that we might prevent another family from suffering.

While an exact number is hard to reach, we are sure over 70 of our friends and family affected over 500 people with acts of kindness last year. You shared donuts and coffee with others, gave supplies to help rescue animals, donated uber gift cards to local restaurants, gave treats to local police and firefighters, helped the homeless, and ran lemonade stands.  You name it, you did it all in Ashton’s name. From Ohio to South Carolina, Arizona to Florida, and many places in between you all shared kindness and reading about what you did on Facebook, Instagram, and private messages brought tears to our eyes, but was also so incredibly comforting. Many have told us that you do not know how to help the grieving, so by sharing this we are giving you a concrete way to help us and in turn help others.  We know Ashton was loved deeply by so many and feel she would be proud of this movement.

There is a quote that helps understand why choosing kind is important.  “No act of kindness is too small.  The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many.”  Ashton lived life this way.  These are acts of kindness that Ashton practiced regularly but feel free to come up with your own ways too.

Choose Kind Slushi






Looking for other ways to choose kind or honor Ashton?  

  • The Ashton Dickey Memorial Scholarship was created by her classmates at St. Anne Catholic School to help kids who need a different learning environment to succeed in high school.  It has raised over $20,000 and have issued two scholarships so far. (
  • Donate to MADD to help end this completely preventable crime.  Last year, we raised over $6,000 from your donations and a walk that in Tega Cay. 


If you can participate, please share your ideas with us.  We have created a website to post updates and provide a space for you to share your acts of kindness and hopefully to hear from those who were impacted by your kindness (  Tag us on social media – Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #choosekindacd.  Not on social media? Send a text to
Dawn (614-403-7898) or Jim (614-203-1763) or click the button below to send us an email.

We continue to be grateful for all the love and support we still receive.  People tend to believe that grief shrinks over time, but what really happens is that we grow around our grief.  We hope that you will help our hearts continue to grow by choosing kind in Ashton’s honor.  By keeping her memory alive, we keep her love alive.  


Let Us Know How You Participated in Choose Kind Week