Ashton Dickey Memorial Scholarship


St. Anne School established the Ashton Dickey Memorial Scholarship to honor the life of our sweet Ashton Dickey. Ashton was a student at St. Anne Catholic High School when she passed away early Sunday, July 28, 2019 after she was struck and killed by a drunk driver. Ashton impacted the lives of so many. She was fearless and kind. She was funny and sarcastic and used humor to lift everyone up. Ashton loved to be with people and never met a stranger. She was generous and always willing to step out of her comfort zone to make new friends.

Ashton was always conscious of others’ needs and often served as mediator and confidant to friends and family alike. She had the ability to brighten the mood of an entire room. Ashton cared for everyone deeply. So much so, that when you became her friend, she considered you family.

The Ashton Dickey Memorial Scholarship was created by her classmates at St. Anne Catholic High School to honor their friend Ashton. After Ashton’s passing, her classmates were determined to keep Ashton’s legacy alive. Ashton was so vocal about her gratitude for St. Anne School and our students wanted to offer that gift to another deserving student. They believe that #ChooseKind embodies who Ashton was and how she chose to live her life. The recipient of the scholarship must be a student who reflects this same belief.

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