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I asked each of the kids to tell me their favorite memory of Ashton this week. William said it was the day she took him to a park that had a pond with turtles and they caught some turtles but put them back, the close second was the day they tried to go fishing but Quinten locked his keys in his trunk.  Emma’s favorite memory of Ashton was every time she took them to Windjammer and swam in their secret spot but her close second was when she took her to see her friend’s horse and spilled a Slushee in her car.  Samuel was a little tougher but he always tells people she taught him how to put his face in the water to swim. They also thought it was great when she took them to Windjammer or Pitcairn and they jumped in fully clothed!

Some memories we wanted to share and miss her so much!!

Linn Family

Ashton loved to swim.  Since she was young, she was in the water whenever she could be.  We took her to Sesame Place when she was around 2 and she had so much fun in the wave pool.  She would wade in a little bit and then when the wave was coming try to run out before it reached her.  She was laughing the whole way.

We had a pool in our house in Ohio.  She loved to swim and play around in the pool.  Diving in and doing cannonballs was always good for many laughs.  

Swimming was the sport she loved the most.  In Ohio, she always swam for a couple of club teams and when we get to Tega Cay, she made the swim team her Freshman year. No matter what her mood might have been going in the water, she was always smiling when she came out.  

Water was her happy place.  When we moved to Tega Cay, she loved to go into Lake Wylie.  There is a boat dock in Pitcairn Park that she would go swimming in the lake.  She always had fun there and loved to hang out with her friends.  

Swimming was good for her soul.

Jim Dickey

I traveled for work for most of Ashton’s life.  Vacations were always important to us and we tried to make the most of them.  In 2017 we were able to go to Punta Cana for a week with my brother Pat and his family (Beth, Drew, and Kaitlyn.  It was the first time these two families vacationed together.  Ashton loved to hang out with Aunt Beth and hear her stories.  The two of them even played water polo together.  Ashton would love to go to get her virgin strawberry daiquiri.  She spent a lot of time in the pool and on the beach that trip.  It is a memory we all cherish forever.

Jim Dickey

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